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Memory of children and adolescents

Why do children and teenagers find it difficult to concentrate?

Attention is that transversal function that puts us in contact with the world and lays the foundations for knowledge and learning. In preschool children , attention is closely linked to the child’s body, sounds, images, colors, personal interests and fostered by stable routines.

At school age , to learn a new concept or a new mathematical rule we must necessarily focus the attention on what we are studying ( focused attention ), stop it in order to process the information we have available ( concentration ) and inhibit all distracting stimuli ( selective attention ). Two important organizational processes must take place: flexibility and planning and the acquisition of balanced energy levels (effort and commitment, persistence in the task and the management of emotions.

The often hectic lifestyle due to work, family, social commitments, etc., creates stress and psychophysical overload which, if prolonged over time, can cause memory problems and cognitive fatigue that lead to greater difficulty in maintaining attention in activity that require mental energy . Even the exaggerated use of electronic devices , from an early age, can affect attentional skills.

In some cases there may be other underlying problems related to learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia) , anxiety , sleep disturbances or other psychological disorders which, if not identified and treated in time, can compromise the normal functioning of cognitive functions with consequences in adulthood.

What to do in the time of exams?

Taking an exam or being questioned is a stressful event.

Stress is a natural reaction of the body called “fight or flight” that occurs in response to a real or perceived threat from the environment around us. It is a primordial reaction governed by the most ancestral part of our brain that is triggered in dangerous situations. This even activates our memory and helps to fix the memory of that experience.

After the emergency, the body returns to a situation of equilibrium. The frenetic or disorganized lifestyle, on the other hand, causes our body to react as if it were always in a dangerous situation , generating a state of permanent stress . The state of chronic stress causes a deterioration of memory and our cognitive abilities.

It therefore becomes important to try to alleviate stress through certain behaviors such as:

Plan exam preparation, maintain physical and mental fitness through exercise, try to sleep well and for the time needed as this fixes the memory, maintain good nutrition .

The use of natural products based on medicinal plants that improve cognitive abilities can be a valuable aid to improve school performance.

How can I help my child to be careful at school or when he has to do his homework?

To support attention, it will be essential to plan activities so that children understand what they need to do and feel able to do it.

We help children improve their time estimation
How long do you need to do this exercise? Let’s try to measure it with the stopwatch and compare your prediction with what the watch will tell us ”.

We provide time boundaries
You have 10 minutes to carry out this activity, at the end we will play a game of cards”.

We help children recognize that the duration of the commitment has a limited time (it is not infinite)
We use the analog clock to allow the child to view time as a space, a more concrete concept and therefore more understandable for younger children. “This activity lasts 5 minutes that is this mirror of the clock, when the hand arrives here, I am sure that you will have finished”.

Let’s try to ignite the motivation
We provide clues about the accessibility of the task for the child in relation to his / her abilities (if real): “This task is very similar to the one you already did yesterday, try to remember how it was done, remember how satisfied you were when you completed it ? You can do it serenely, you are absolutely capable even without my help “. The ability to maintain attention on the task in children is often linked to levels of self-efficacy that is, how well I feel able to cope with the task. So let’s try to organize tasks and activities that are accessible to the child but challenging enough to be able to compete with himself (“I can do a little better than yesterday”).

Can Stress Affect Memory?

The often hectic lifestyle due to work, school, family, social commitments, etc., creates stress and psychophysical overload which, if prolonged over time , can cause memory problems and cognitive fatigue which leads to greater difficulty in maintaining attention in activities that require mental energy.

The state of chronic stress causes a deterioration of memory and our cognitive abilities. This happens because our body reacts by producing high levels of cortisol due to an imbalance of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. The adaptogenic plants contained in the formulations of Memorens oral solution and tablets improve memory and mental well-being and reduce stress.

My teenage son is always connected to his computer or cell phone, can there be any consequences? How can I help him?

Official data highlights a rapid increase in subjects with a high degree of Internet addiction : most completely lose interest in the outside world, abandon school or work as well as interpersonal relationships , favoring only online relationships. Often they lose interest even in interacting with family members to the point of retiring in solitude in their room , in front of the computer, neglecting environmental and personal hygiene to avoid disconnecting as much as possible. Increased anxiety and depression may occur.

Are there any natural remedies that can help increase focus and concentration?

Yes, some medicinal plants can offer an effective and safe solution.

Memorens , oral solution and tablets, has been studied to improve memory and cognitive function in children, adolescents and adults. Its phytotherapeutic components such as Bacopa monnieri , Eleuterococco senticosus and Maritime pine act through specific mechanisms of action, providing a positive and neur oprotective nootropic effect.

Adult memory

I have more and more frequent blackouts, should I worry?

The often hectic lifestyle due to work, family, social commitments, etc., creates stress and psychophysical overload which, if prolonged over time, can cause memory problems and cognitive fatigue which leads to greater difficulty in maintaining attention in activity that require mental energy. The state of chronic stress causes a deterioration of memory and our cognitive abilities . This happens because our body reacts by producing high levels of cortisol due to an imbalance of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis .

As we age, neuronal changes can occur in brain regions involved in memory processing. The hippocampus and especially the frontal lobes are subject to structural and neurochemical changes. The efficiency of the nerve pathways that conduct the signal can be progressively reduced. This results in slowing the speed of information processing and impairing the ability to form new memories and maintain concentration for long enough to perform at best the activities of daily living. These changes may seem disturbing, but they are normal and can simply result in slower processing of information.

Using supplements like Memorens can help in these situations.

I forget important things, what can I do?
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing activities that can help us relax: for example, meditation, yoga, music and reading, a walk in the fresh air, can be of great help.
  • Try to sleep well and for the right time, taking care of sleep hygiene appropriately, which means going to bed at the same time if possible, not using the computer and other electronic devices before going to bed.
  • Adopt a correct diet , follow the Mediterranean diet, do not eat large meals and moderate alcohol consumption at dinner. It would also be desirable not to consume stimulants such as coffee before going to bed.
  • Perform regular physical activity, both strength and endurance exercises, preferably done in company to socialize (long walks, aqua aerobics, gym). When done regularly, exercise produces substances that counteract stress such as endorphins. It is not recommended to do physical activity in the evening as the release of some endogenous substances can interfere with the quality of sleep.
  • Train your memory , for example with reading, games or pastimes that require the use of cognitive skills (e.g. crosswords), the study of a new language or a musical instrument.
  • Among the natural remedies, herbal medicine can be a valid help. Yes, food supplements based on standardized and titrated plant extracts (quantification of “chemical markers ) can be a valuable aid: There are plants that act specifically on cognitive capacity, improving memory and concentration such as Bacopa monnieri and theEleutherococcus senticosus contained in Memorens tablets .
Are there any natural remedies to improve memory?

Yes, among the natural remedies, phytotherapy can be a valid help.

There are plants that act specifically on cognitive capacity, improving memory and concentration such as Bacopa monnieri .

Other plants, on the other hand, have adaptogenic properties, i.e. the ability to increase the body’s resistance to external stimuli and stress. This property is a unique feature of the plant kingdom. Among the adaptogenic plants we find Eleutherococcus senticosus and Rhodiola rosea .

Memorens tablets contain Bacopa monnieri, Eleutherococcus senticosus and Maritime pine .


Why does anxiety occur in boys?

Anyone of us in life has experienced, albeit with different sensations and at different times, a deep sense of inadequacy in managing events or problems and has perceived the fear that they were too difficult to overcome. It is important to emphasize that feeling anxiety is a normal and physiological phenomenon, as it is a biological mechanism of response to new or unexpected events that happen to us. However, when the state of anxiety persists over time and does not disappear, or becomes recurrent in our life, a real disorder is generated.

Anxiety affects both children and adolescents more and more, manifesting itself in various forms: from panic attacks, to social phobia and isolation, to chronic fatigue and attention disorders, causing not only psychological but also somatic.

It is very important and necessary to have recourse to the appropriate health specialists , in order to correctly identify the disadvantage in progress and choose the correct therapy.

What are the causes of anxiety in children?

There is no single cause but a plurality of factors such as the predisposition of each subject, life experiences and the surrounding environment. High levels of anxiety can be associated with a busy lifestyle that makes us feel overwhelmed by countless school, social and family commitments. Our body is thus exposed to numerous daily stresses and is not always able to adapt and find its natural balance.

Scientific studies have reported that anxiety is the most common disorder in developmental age and the discomforts developed in this phase can often be reflected in adulthood.

How does anxiety manifest in children and teenagers?

Childhood is, by its nature, characterized by certain fears, anxieties, and phobias : of monsters, of the dark, of being left alone or with a new babysitter, of starting school, and so on. As children grow up, they overcome these fears but may develop others, such as fear of failing an exam or feeling embarrassed when questioned in class.

These types of emotions do not necessarily represent an anxiety disorder but when they become frequent or paralyzing or interfere with the child’s life they can generate real discomfort that impacts the normal growth path.

Children express their emotions by somatizing them through abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, or by developing behavioral changes characterized by irritability, decreased ability to remain alert or focused on a specific task, restlessness, and sleep disturbances.

Adolescents, in particular, have a more fragile emotional balance due to their inexperience and greater vulnerability. Every year the number of children and adolescents suffering from sleep disorders, depression, school anxieties, headaches, nervousness, hyperactivity increases.

Natural drops for anxiety in children and teenagers: how to choose a good product?

The formulations in drops of the products for anxiety allow a greater handling and action of its components, this is especially true for children and their families. The drops in fact facilitate the administration by parents and the intake of the product by children who have difficulty swallowing tablets.

It is recommended that the choice of the phytotherapeutic product is made by the pediatrician , the general practitioner, the pharmacist or professionals trained in the sector. The great variety of products on the market can confuse the final consumer, however as a general recommendation, it is important to verify that the concentrations and titrations of the active ingredients of the respective plant extracts are clearly described in the product packaging, unfortunately not all products they have it.

What is meant by herbal remedies for anxiety?

A valid help for managing the effects of anxiety states can be provided by phytotherapy either on its own in mild or moderate cases or as a complement to psychotherapy or other medical therapies. Phytotherapy is the medical discipline that uses medicinal plants and their preparations for therapeutic purposes.

Each medicinal plant, through the phytocomplex , has more pharmacological effects than the single action of the synthetic drug, interacting with different organs and systems of our organism in a balanced way. Furthermore, phytotherapeutic preparations have been developed to be well tolerated and used in more fragile patients such as children and the elderly.

What are the natural remedies that reduce the state of anxiety?

Many plants can be used in the state of anxiety by virtue of the different manifestation of this in terms of expression of the symptoms that characterize it. The scientifically studied combination of standardized and perfectly titrated plant extracts lies precisely in the ” teamwork ” of the different molecules that make up the phytocomplex . In particular, the skilful combination of adaptogenic plant extracts such as Rhodiola rosea with other medicinal plants with proven anxiolytic effect can represent an effective therapeutic solution to the anxiety symptoms of children and adolescents without interfering with the normal growth process.

Among the natural remedies are also included some food supplements based on amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which can be associated, among other things, with some plant extracts and which could therefore have a synergistic action between them. In particular, tryptophan , an essential amino acid present in abundance in milk . Tryptophan is a precursor of serotonin , a neurotransmitter synthesized in the brain and other body tissues that modulates mood .

Are all natural remedies effective for anxiety?

The immediate answer is NO .

Anxiety disorders are not a single condition, but rather a spectrum of related disorders and it is very important and necessary to resort to the appropriate health specialists, in order to verify that the discomfort in progress is a real disorder and consequently choose the correct one. therapy.

Natural remedies including the use of medicinal plants with anxiolytic and anti-stress action they are part of the overall therapeutic baggage that conventional medicine has at its disposal. Each medicinal plant has its own therapeutic property but this occurs at a certain concentration and titration of the active ingredients . In fact, the titration of the constituents of an extract allows first of all to obtain the reproducibility of the biological effect, which is the basis of efficacy and safety.

The time and method of administration can also vary from plant to plant. It is also important to take into account preclinical and clinical scientific studies that highlight the efficacy and safety of the medicinal plant. It should be good practice to always indicate the scientific sources attesting the pharmacological properties of specific plant extracts.


My baby does not sleep and wakes up at night - what can I do?

As parents, it is important to promote proper sleep hygiene . The three golden rules in the first year of life are:

  1. let the child always sleep in the same adequately prepared room , avoiding making him fall asleep in different environments;
  2. respect the time when he goes to bed and from 4 months of life (ie from when the phase of falling asleep appears);
  3. dissociate the feeding phase from that of sleep , which means detaching it from the breast or bottle when you are about to fall asleep and putting it on the bed.

These good habits need to be consolidated as you grow up. Better not to use the tablet or other electronic devices after dinner : as we know, the light of the devices reduces the production of melatonin which favors falling asleep.

If all this is not enough, there are other solutions that come to our aid such as natural supplements based on medicinal plants .

Is it normal for small children not to sleep?

Recent data indicate that 25% of children under the age of 5 suffer from sleep disorders (ie 1 child in 4) , while after the age of 6 and up to adolescence the percentage drops to around 10-12%.

Sleep disturbances can have negative effects on the health and quality of life of the child and their parents .
For example, they can cause drowsiness, inattention, learning difficulties, insufficient or poor impulse control and behavioral changes, risk of obesity , metabolic disorders, etc.

In early childhood, difficulty falling asleep and frequent nocturnal awakenings , parasomnia (for example nocturnal pavor or confusional awakenings) or sleep breathing disorders (for example obstructive apnea syndrome) predominate.
These symptoms represent one of the most frequent reasons for visiting the pediatrician.

Baby sleep drops: how to choose the right product?

The drop formulations of sleep products can be very useful and easy to administer, however during the night awakening the administration of the products in drops can create some inconvenience as you have to dissolve the drops in a little water and make him drink it, what not always easy. To overcome this drawback and with the intent of improving compliance, it is better to use other methods.

Xerenens is a product that promotes sleep regulation in young children and thanks to its oral spray form, it can be sprayed directly into the mouth for both falling asleep and night awakenings, improving the handling and action of its components.


Which of the available pharmaceutical forms have the best efficacy?

It depends. Each plant is designed to be extracted in the correct way. Dry extracts and essential oils contain the highest amounts of active ingredients, but liquid preparations such as aqueous or alcoholic extracts are sometimes preferable. The essential element of each vegetable preparation is the titration of the active ingredients, according to the dictates of the scientific literature.

Can herbal medicine be considered alternative medicine or conventional medicine?

Conventional, because it obeys the same criteria that regulate official medicine.

Is herbal medicine allopathic or homeopathic?

Allopathic, like official medicine taught in universities.

What is meant by the word phytocomplex?

The set of all the highly purified active ingredients present in the plant, i.e. without supporting plant material.

What is meant by the term plant drug?

The part of the medicinal plant generally dried, richer in active ingredients. For example, the artichoke as we see it in a field is the medicinal plant, while the artichoke drug is represented by the leaves.

What does the word titling mean?

Titration allows to accurately evaluate not only the presence but also the quantity of one or more components of the phytocomplex considered most important for therapeutic purposes. This quantity must not be less than the minimum level set by the official scientific texts (Pharmacopoeias, World Health Organization, Scientific literature), otherwise the extract cannot have an adequate therapeutic activity. Thanks to titration it is possible to standardize the product, so that it is always the same as itself, with obvious advantages for the constancy and reproducibility of the medicinal effect.

Is it correct to say that titration is essential for product standardization?


What are the pharmaceutical preparations obtainable from medicinal plants in the dry state?

There are many, all codified by reference texts of conventional medicine: for example decoctions and infusions of herbal tea species, powders, liquid extracts such as soft extracts, fluids or tinctures, dry extracts.

What are the pharmaceutical preparations obtainable from fresh plants?

They are fewer in number, but they too are all listed in the pharmacopoeias: mother tincture, bud extract, integral suspension of fresh plant, fresh plant juice. Essential oils are sometimes obtained from fresh plants, others from dried plants.

What is the pharmaceutical form preferable today in phytotherapy?

Where possible the titrated and standardized dry extract.


Do Exerens products have any side effects?

No side effects or drug interactions have been reported with Exerens products. Each formulation has been specifically designed to meet the efficacy and safety criteria.

Are there any warnings for use?

In the package insert of each product there are the warnings for use and the characteristics of each component of the formulations. For further details, please visit the Products area where you can also download the respective technical data sheets.

How long does it take to get a satisfactory result?

Exerens products work by restoring the body’s natural balance. Medicinal plants, which make up the formulations of Exerens products, have their therapeutic effect from 7 to 15 days from the start of treatment depending on the severity of the symptoms and the general state of the organism.

It is therefore advisable not to interrupt the therapy and to respect the duration of the treatment to allow the action of its components and obtain the maximum benefit. For more information, please read the package leaflet or visit the Products area where you can download the respective product data sheets.

Are they addictive or addictive?

No. Scientific literature demonstrates that the components of Exerens products are not addictive or addictive. Bibliographic references are indicated in the package leaflet of each product or in the technical data sheets available online on our website in the Products area.

Do Exerens products have an expiration date?

Yup. By ministerial provision, all food supplements must have an expiration date. Exerens carries out the corresponding stability analyzes to determine the expiration date of the products indicated in the respective packages.

Can they be diluted in fruit juices, drinks or herbal teas?

Exerens has paid a lot of attention to the palatability of its products. During the Research and Development phase, the respective pharmaceutical forms were studied and tested to promote the acceptance of the products by children and adolescents. However, if necessary, Ansirens drops and Memorens oral solution can be diluted with a little water or fruit juice to facilitate administration.

Can Exerens products be taken by celiacs?

Yup. Exerens products are all gluten-free.

Can Exerens products be taken by those who are lactose intolerant?

Yup. Exerens products do not contain lactose or milk derivatives.

Can Exerens products be taken by diabetics?

Exerens products contain natural sweeteners such as fructose and steviol glycosides (from stevia leaves) as indicated in the ingredient descriptions in each package. If the diabetic patient is stabilized with the respective medical therapy (eg insulin) there are no problems in taking the products. However, it is always recommended to consult your pediatrician or general practitioner before administration.

What happens if the recommended dose is exceeded?

In case of overdose , it is recommended to consult your pediatrician, general practitioner or pharmacist immediately.

Where can I find Exerens products?

Exerens products can be found in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy or can be ordered online directly from the Products section.

Online shop

Do I have to be registered to buy on the online shop?

No. It is not necessary to register, however, we invite you to register to obtain further benefits such as receiving the newsletter with all the news on the products and contents of the site.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Credit card and PayPal.

How can I check the status of my order?

Once the order has been placed and the package has been sent, you will receive an email with the necessary data to be able to track the status of the shipment.

When is the order shipped?

From receipt of the order, the package is sent within 12 hours. It can be more than 12 hours if the order is received on a Friday afternoon or over the weekend. in this case, the order will be prepared on the next working day.

What are the delivery times for the package?

48-72 hours. It can be 60 to 72 hours for the Islands.

How can I check the status of my shipment?

You will receive an email at the time of shipment with the transport document number and the corresponding link to track the status.